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Best Time Management Tips for IAS preparation

Best Time Management Tips for IAS preparation | civil service exam coaching centre in Trivandrum


Among the 5 Ws of problem-solving – Who, What, When, Where and Why, WHEN is probably the most unappreciated and neglected question. When relates to time in a project, respecting it and finding your own way of managing it is very crucial.In a book by the same name, author Daniel Pink talks about some amazing time management methods that can be particularly useful in a project like IAS preparation. Let us look at a few important ideas discussed in the book.


  1. Understanding your biological clock – Understanding when you are at your best physically and mentally – that is in the AM or PM, helps you to make the most out of your study plan. Schedule topics that are cognitively heavy during your most alert hours. Creative topics should be scheduled when your mind is in recovery mode.


  1. Importance of breaks – Breaks are not disruptive. Taking regular breaks of the right duration is actually proven to help in concentration and to avoid physical discomfort. Apps like Pomodoro timers can help in scheduling better and getting the most out of your day. Make sure your breaks involve physical movement.


  1. Starting right – Not all days are equally productive. If you are having a bad day or a bad session, do not persist. Take a break. Start fresh (with a new topic).


  1. Mid-points are important – Afternoons are usually the least productive hours. Your energy levels hit a slump. Acknowledge that this is normal. Manage the slump, use it as a wake-up call and motivate yourself by giving yourself a pep talk and visualizing the future when your efforts will bear fruit.


  1. Ending – Consciously ending each day is important. It means you have had a successful day and that you are in control. Do not extend your day till you fall asleep on the table. End the day also with gratitude. Plan your next day. Sleep well.


In addition to the above, there are many more IAS preparation tips that are available on the internet. Some of them talk about


  1. Having an achievable daily timetable
  2. Set interim goals rather than long term goals
  3. Divide difficult topics into smaller ones for ease


You can also

  1. Reach out to other aspirants as a support group.
  2. Organize your study time at a comfortable pace.


Remember well begun is half done. And also a good and effective study plan is probably your biggest strength in achieving your dream.


Also important is choosing your coaching partner and the right mode of coaching. Choose a coaching partner who is equally invested in your dream.


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