Best UPSC Chakde Mains Course 2023 in Trivandrum , Kerala

Gallant IAS Academy is the best IAS academy in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. It is the best coaching center for civil service as is the proven track record of the past decade. The Civil Services Examination’s second phase is the UPSC Mains test. IAS candidates are qualified to take the UPSC Mains if they pass the Prelims. Due to its subjective character, the UPSC Mains is harder. This exam consists of nine papers that cover a broad variety of topics within each subject. Gallant IAS does the Best UPSC Chakde Mains Course 2023 in Trivandrum , Kerala.

Our top 9 tips to clear mains for  UPSC Chakde mains preparation and to ace the Chakde mains 2023

  1. Strategy – The mains has 9 papers in total. The syllabus is very vast. Hence it is crucial to develop an effective strategy and follow it. Make sure the strategy covers how to prepare for the exam as well.
  2. Syllabus – Take a print of the syllabus, check it, double-check it, and keep referring to it to ensure that none of the topics are missed.
  3. Mental and physical health – The Civil service examination is quite demanding and it is easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted. So it is important to be in your best shape physically and mentally. Gallant IAS teaches the Best UPSC Chakde Mains Course 2023 in Trivandrum , Kerala.
  4. Prioritize papers – It is normal for students to give less importance to relatively easy papers such as essays and language papers. However, your final score is made up of all the papers and so ensure that you treat all of them with the merit that it deserves.
  5. Mock papers and previous years’ papers – Solving these will help you to evaluate your preparation and identify topics that need more focus.
  6. Current affairs – Do not be so engrossed in your preparation that you lose touch with the current happenings around you. They will feature in your examination as well as interviews.
  7. Choosing the optional – The optional is the only factor differentiating candidates. So use it to your advantage. Choose your optional wisely.
  8. Practice writing – This will help with your speed in the examination as well as help you to structure your answers well.
  9. Stay motivated – Visualize your success. Evaluate your preparation. Adjust accordingly

Course Curriculum

Orientation | How to answer in Mains| Mains Test Series | Chak de Mains 2022 00:59:00
Performance assessment-History | Chak De Mains | Mains Mentorship |2022 00:34:00
Performance Assessment & Value addition -Society & IR | Chak De Mains | Mains Mentorship |2022 00:13:00
Fundamentals of GS answer writing | Chak de Mains- Mains answer writing program | Gallant IAS 00:43:00
Bell 2
History Question cum Answer Booklet.pdf 00:10:00
Decoding the Directives of UPSC PYQs | Chak De Mains |2022 00:38:00
Decoding the Directives of UPSC PYQs.pdfFREE 00:10:00
History & Culture Test | How to approch? |Chak De Mains |2022 00:30:00
Question cum Answer Booklet geography & Society | Chakde Mains.pdf 00:10:00
Bell 2 Test 3 Question cum Answer Booklet -POLITY.pdf 00:10:00
Bell 2 | Test 3 Polity Answers Sketch 00:10:00
Bell 2 Test 4 Question_cum_Answer_Booklet_Social_justice_&_international_relations.pdf 00:10:00
IR & Social Justice Answer Key .pdf 00:10:00
ECONOMY & AGRICULTURE | Bell 2 | Question Paper | Test 5 | Chakde Mains.pdf 00:10:00
Bell 2| Test 6 | Question cum Answer Booklet |Science & Tech security and Disaster.pdf 00:10:00
Bell 2 | Test 7 | Question cum Answer Booklet | Ethics.pdf 00:10:00
Bell 3
Essay Question cum Answer Booklet.pdf 00:10:00
GS 1 Question_cum_Answer_Booklet_ full test 1.pdf 00:10:00
GS 2 Question_cum_Answer_Booklet_ full test 2 .pdf 00:10:00
GS 3 Question_cum_Answer_Booklet_ full test 3.pdf 00:10:00
GS 4 Full Test Question_cum_Answer_Booklet Bell 3 00:10:00
GS 1 Full Test | Answer key | Bell 3.pdf 00:10:00
GS 2 | Full Test | Bell 3 | Answer key.pdf 00:10:00
GS 4 Ethics | Full Test | Answer | BELL 3.pdf 00:10:00
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