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The highly recommended and reviewed intensive Prelims Cum Mains training programme of GallantIAS, Kerala Civil service Academy, has been the most subscribed initiative in UPSC  preparation of toppers year by year. Rather than following the ideal textbook approach, the “Gallantary PCM” focusses on the Result Oriented Practical Ways of Preparation which equips the aspirants with the right knowledge and skills for dealing with all the 3 phases of the recruitment process.
The most talked about “Hand Holding Approach” of GallantIAS provides customized and flexible solutions to enable aspirants from any background, working/student, fresher/veteran to reach the top orders of final rank list in the very first attempt itself :

  • Weekend courses for working aspirant : Intensive to the point sessions, dedicated mentorship, most sought after “Gallant Notes”, to ensure success in the first go
  • Foundation batch : The heaven for passionate students that provides the systematic travel from most simplified Tier 1 level to the advanced Tier 3 level , which spreads over 3 years, to avoid compromising quality of schooling
  • Optionals : The innovative strategy developed by our subject experts makes you cover Malayalam, History, Sociology, Zoology and Botany Optionals within minimum time with never before ‘To the point Micronotes’ based strategy.
  • Availability of all programmes in online and offline modes, The research wing of GallantIAS constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic in tune with the UPSC trends & demands and to quickly build the aspirant from scratch level to the top by developing core competence in clearing the exam through smart work based strategies.

The USP of GallantIAS is “Division of Labour” which makes every activity viz, Daily Hindu newspaper coverage n Note making, Coverage of Basic Books with lightening speed etc. a teamwork, so that the journey to LBSNAA becomes painless, memorable and exciting.

Our courses:

  • Prelims & Mains crash courses
  • History optional
  • Malayalam optional
  • Botany optional
  • Sociology optional
  • Zoology optional
  • Prelims test series
  • Mains test series
  • Mentorship programs

Course Curriculum

GS Orientation | Part-1 | PcM 2023 01:12:00
GS Orientation | Part-2 | PcM 2023 00:48:00
Prelims Syllabus |UPSC CSE | PcM 00:10:00
Mains Syllabus|UPSC CSE | PcM 00:10:00
History | Ancient India
History | Medieval India
History | Modern India
History | Post Independence
History | Art & Culture
Science & Tech
Current Affairs
Mains GS1
Mains GS2
Mains GS3
Mains GS4
Mains Answers
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  • 365 Days


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