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Current affair diary 17/1/2021

Subject: Art and culture

Dharashiv Caves

√DharaShiv caves were in news recently when Maharashtra CM referred to Osmanabad as Dharashiv (named after 6th century caves).

√Osmanabad is named after the last ruler of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, while Dharashiv is derived from the name for the sixth-century caves near the city.

√Dharashiv caves are the nexus of 7 caves in Balaghat mountains in Maharashtra.

√These have been declared as Protected area by Government of Maharashtra.

√They are believed to be built around 5th-7th century.

√There have been debates over caves whether they are Buddhist or Jain creations.

√It is believed that these caves were originally Buddhist, but later some caves were converted to Jain caves.

?focus area for prelims : location and characteristics


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