Current Affair Diary 21/10/2020

Ayushman Sahakar scheme

✓Launched by: Ministry for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

✓Formulated by: National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), the apex autonomous development finance institution under the Ministry of Agriculture.

✓It is a unique scheme to assist cooperatives to play an important role in creation of healthcare infrastructure in the country.

✓NCDC would extend term loans to prospective cooperatives to the tune of Rs.10, 000 Crore in the coming years.

✓There are about 52 hospitals across the country run by cooperatives.

✓The NCDC fund would give a boost to provision of healthcare services by cooperatives.

✓Ayushman Sahakar specifically covers establishment, modernization, expansion, repairs, renovation of hospitals and healthcare and education infrastructure.

✓Any Cooperative Society with suitable provision in its byelaws to undertake healthcare related activities would be able to access the NCDC fund.

✓NCDC assistance will flow either through the State Governments/ UT Administrations or directly to the eligible cooperatives.

✓The scheme shall provide working capital and margin money to meet operational requirements.

✓The scheme shall also provide interest subvention of 1% to women majority cooperatives.

✓It is in line with the National Digital Health Mission and National Health Policy, 2017.



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