Current affair diary 21/12/2020

Human Freedom Index 2020 released

√The Human Freedom Index 2020 released recently placed India at the 111th spot out of 162 countries.

√India ranked 94 on the index in 2019.

√Published by: American think tank Cato Institute and Fraser Institute in Canada

√Top countries: New Zealand, Switzerland and Hong Kong

√War-torn Syria ranked the last on the list.

√India’s neighbouring countries: (1) China – 129; (2) Bangladesh – 139; (3) Pakistan – 140.

√The report takes into account 76 indicators of personal, civil, and economic freedoms to rank 162 countries from 2008 to 2018.

√The institutes noted that the world has seen a notable decline in personal freedom since 2008.

?Focus area for prelims 2021:
√Report released by
√India’s ranking
√Other important country’s ranking.

For mains 2020-21:significance of this report



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