Current affair diary 22/12/2020

E20 fuel

√Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has published a draft notification and invited comments from the public for adoption of E20 fuel as an automobile fuel.

√ E20 fuel is a blend of 20% of ethanol and gasoline.

√The current permissible level of blending is 10% of ethanol though India reached only 5.6% of blending in 2019.

√Ethanol is a biofuel and a common by-product of biomass left by agricultural feedstock such as corn, sugarcane, hemp, potato, etc.

√ The Government of India launched the EBP programme in 2003 for undertaking the blending of ethanol in petrol to address the environmental concerns due to fossil fuel burning, provide remuneration to farmers, subsidize crude imports and achieve forex savings.

?Focus area for prelims:

√Ethanol and its production

For mains: Ethanol blending programme and its benefits



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