Current Affair Diary 24/09/2020


✓Recently, the Government has launched YuWaah.

✓It is a multi-stakeholder platform to make young people career ready.

✓Launched by: The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

✓A ‘Statement of Intent’ has also been signed to establish Generation Unlimited in India (YuWaah).

✓Providing career guidance support to young people through career portal.

✓Job-readiness and self-exploration sessions to make young people career-ready.

✓Supporting young people by providing entrepreneurship classes with successful entrepreneurs and experts.

✓Creating linkages with aspirational economic opportunities to connect young people with jobs or self-employment. For this, innovative solutions and technology platforms will be engaged to maximize the scale and reach.

✓Upskilling young people on 21st century skills, life skills, digital skills and supporting them through self-learning, for their productive lives and the future of work.



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