Current Affair Diary 25/09/2020

World Risk Index 2020

✓According to the World Risk Index (WRI) 2020, India is ‘poorly prepared’ to deal with ‘climate reality’, due to which it is vulnerable to extreme natural disasters.

✓Among continents, Oceania is at the highest risk, followed by Africa and the Americas.

✓It is part of the World Risk Report 2020 released by the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Bundnis Entwicklung Hilft and the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

✓It is calculated on a country-by-country basis, through the multiplication of exposure and vulnerability.

✓It describes the disaster risk for various countries and regions.

✓It is released annually since 2011.

✓It indicates which countries are in the greatest need to strengthen measures for coping with and adapting to extreme natural events.



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