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Current Affair Diary 6/10/2020

zombie fires

✓According to a new study, the fire regimes in the Arctic are changing rapidly, with zombie fires becoming more frequent

✓Fires occurring in the once-frozen tundra are also becoming frequent.

✓The fires in the Arctic spreading to areas which were formerly fire-resistant is a more worrying feature.

✓The reason for this anomaly is that temperatures in winter and spring were warmer than usual during 2019-20.

✓The fires and record temperatures have the potential of turning the carbon sink into a carbon source and increasing global warming.

✓Peatlands do not regrow quickly after a fire, so the carbon released is permanently lost to the atmosphere.

✓As peatlands release more carbon, global warming will increase which will thaw more peat and cause more wildfires.

✓Arctic fires will affect the global climate over the long term.


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