Foundation Course

Let’s build the future together

Remember that no building can stand, if the base is not strong.

Our foundation course emphasizes the very basics of UPSC Civil Service Examination.

The basic foundation course is aimed at creating a high scope of understanding the UPSC civil service examination pattern and syllabus

Our building Blocks

• General understanding of syllabus
• Know the basics of Polity ,Geography,History,Economics etc through Parables and stories

• 3N strategy – NCERTS,Newspaper Analysis ,Note making
• Know the optional

• 3C Building -Courage,Confidence,conquer
• Possible career options for civil service aspirants in various government sectors

• RRR Strategy
• MMM Strategy
• SSS Strategy

Collaborative Learning = Success
• Communication Skills ( Via workshops)
• Critical thinking (Via Discussion and Debates)
• Logical Thinking ( Via aptitude training)
• Think-Pair-Share strategy ( For note making and Answer writing)
• Persistent Dedication ( Via Curiosity Building)
• Perspective Building and Social skills( Via Newspaper Analysis and Social interactions)
• Enhancing smart strategies (Via short cuts,Modular notes )

What makes us Unique?
• Course is designed under the guidance of Justin George Sir
• Learn with vibrant and expert mentors
• Consistent motivation
• Result oriented Approach
• Smart and Hybrid Classes
• Thorough Academic orientation
• Avoiding mistakes at the early stage
• Be at the right place at the right time

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