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SWASTIK | UPSC Current Affairs 2023

👉CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune has launched a new technique called SWASTIIK to disinfect water by using natural oils. It was launched because, water-borne diseases have increased India’s disease burden
👉 SWASTIIK Technology method can eliminate harmful bacteria and antibiotic resistant strains, economically.
👉 It integrates Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda to disinfect water and offer possible health benefits of natural oils.
👉It uses hydrodynamic cavitation; combines chemistry, biology, & chemical engineering along with natural resources like natural oils & plant extracts to disinfect water. Thus, method has increased the efficiency and reduced cost of water treatment
👉Disinfection of water is essential to remove pathogenic
microorganisms that causes
water-borne diseases. But, chemical methods like chlorination to disinfect water, generate harmful or carcinogenic by-products.
👉 Thus, SWASTIIK technology was developed which boils liquid as a result of pressure reduction or cavitation. This method uses natural oils with antimicrobial properties to disinfect water.

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