Civil Service Exam Coaching in Kerala

Gallant IAS is a leading Civil service exam coaching Kerala and offers civil service exam coaching, both in the online and offline format. We offer Civil service classes for IAS, IPS and IFS coaching in Kerala.

Gallant IAS was started in 2019, and as a Civil service coaching institute, we are committed and specially focused on those IAS|IPS|IFS aspirants, who find it difficult to clear UPSC CSE due to lack of effective guidance or due to unaffordable economic conditions.
We, at Gallant IAS, have decided to support such aspirants to fulfill their IAS\IPS dream by providing the best quality classes and individual mentor-ship at an affordable fee and provide all possible guidance until they clear the Exam. Our Civil service coaching in Trivandrum, Kerala is both economical and effective.
Our study material and classes have been carefully curated and updated keeping in mind the Civil service exam 2022-2023. The Civil service exam syllabus can seem overwhelming and difficult to master. But with us on your side, we promise to make it as simple and effective as possible. Our mentors can accurately gauge the teaching methodology and approach that will benefit each aspirant and mentors them accordingly. We provide one of the best offline & online civil service coaching in Trivandrum

Civil Service Training in Kerala

We are young, we are powerful.

Gallant IAS was established in 2019 to cater to the needs of Civil Service aspirants in Kerala. In the very short time that we have been in operation, we have become a very successful & one of the best IAS coaching in Trivandrum, Kerala
Our faculty has gained great appreciation from one and all and they continue to be the lifeblood of Gallant IAS.

We are currently offering the following 11 courses.

  • Prelims cum Mains 2022-2023
  • Prelims crash course 2022-2023
  • History optional 2022-2023
  • Malayalam optional 2022-2023
  • Botany optional 2022-2023
  • History PcM 2022-23|Exclusive
  • Prelims test series 2022-2023
  • Mains Crash course 2022-2023
  • CSAT Crash course-2022-2023
  • Economy,Polity,Geography & Environment crash courses
  • Foundation course

Course duration is one year. Our batches start in the month of May,June and October in every year.

Why Gallant IAS?

With so many coaching centres and training institutes coming into being every day, through our systems and practices and our excellent team, we have managed to move ahead and earn quite a name for ourselves in providing best online Civil service coaching in Trivandrum

So what makes us stand out?
How are we more effective?
Why is our success rates higher?

The answers lie in the facts mentioned below.


Our Civil service exam syllabus comprehensively covers both the Prelims and the Mains. Our teachers bring together many years of teaching experience and expertise in their respective subjects.
Our training sessions amount to over 700 hours. That is 700+ hours of in-depth and extensive coverage of study topics, and re-iteration of core tenets of civil service examinations.
Our training methodology also includes ample tests during the course of the training duration. These are mostly monthly tests focusing on individual topics.


In addition to training and exam skill development sessions, we also do newspaper analysis sessions. This helps a lot in adding to the knowledge base of the aspirants and is a good strategy to do well in the exams.
Another unique feature of Civil service training offered by us is our sessions aimed at developing and sharpening exam-specific skills. How to approach the exam, how to tackle the questions and other strategies and tips are shared in these sessions.
When you opt to do your Civil service training with us, you are also eligible for many free sessions. These include CSAT course, Test series Prelims, Test series Mains, Budget & Survey sessions and Current affairs sessions.


We are available round the clock for answering your numerous queries and questions and our support and guidance is always with you.

Our coaching is extremely focused and result oriented. We train in small batches of 50 aspirants for maximum effectiveness. This allows the teachers to individually assess and guide each aspirant and they all receive individual attention. Each student will also be assigned a mentor who will help, guide and motivate them to give their best.
The teachers also offer individual one-on-one sessions where the students can discuss their special requirements and the guidance needed. These sessions act as great motivators and is a great support to the students.


Last but not the least, through Gallant IAS, you can meet and interact with Service toppers and learn about their successful journey. You can pick up many best practices and tips from these talks and this is also a great opportunity to learn from the people who have been there and done it.

A few other key benefits of the Gallant IAS coaching include:

  • All India tests (topic wise tests and full tests)
    • Our specially designed programmes are aimed to improve the quality of your answers. These are the Answer writing guidance programme and the Quality Improvement Programme.
    • Our teaching methodology which explains theories and helps build concepts in a simple and lucid manner.
    • Comprehensive, relevant and regularly updated study material.
    • Doubt clearing session after every class.
    • Detailed previous year questions analysis

These are just a few reasons why Gallant IAS is a leading Civil service exam coaching center in Trivandrum, Kerala

A journey of a million miles start with a single step….

A career in Civil service is the dream of many. It is not a destination but a lifelong journey. It is a daunting journey, filled with challenges. It is a mind-set. A way of life. An opportunity to be a humble servant of our great country. It is our endeavour to prepare you for what lies ahead.

We request all aspirants to carefully go through our complete website It will answer all your questions as an aspirant and if you still need more guidance you can also write to us or call us.
If you are an aspirant for the Civil Service exam 2022-2023, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started!

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