Best UPSC General Studies IV ethics Classes in Trivandrum, Kerala

The General Studies 4 ethics paper is a part of the CS Main Examination. It is also referred to as the UPSC Mains General Studies Paper GS IV ethics or the UPSC GS-IV paper or simply as Paper IV of the UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination. Gallant IAS does the Best UPSC General Studies IV ethics Classes in Trivandrum ,Kerala . Unlike other papers, it has only a very negligible relevance in the CS Preliminary examination but acquires prominence in the UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination.

Ethics questions are based on a succinct yet comprehensive syllabus. The GS IV ethics syllabus for the civil service exam covers the philosophical thoughts in ethics in addition to its role in individual growth and public administration. Despite its relatively smaller syllabus, it requires a clear understanding of concepts with suitable examples both classical and contemporary. It is almost impossible to clear the Civil Services Examination with an average or below-average mark in GS 4. Therefore at Gallant IAS, we have formulated a trinity that combines conceptual learning and examples along with writing practice to develop Ethics for the UPSC CSE.

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper

After seeing the pattern of questions and the syllabus for so many years now, we can confidently say that we are in the best position to help you give this paper your best shot. Scoring well in the ethics paper needs a compound strategy that involves many steps – decoding the syllabus, identifying key components, assimilation of knowledge and data, discussions to identify examples, and capping this all off with regular writing practice in the test series. This is the sure-shot strategy to scoring high in an Ethics paper. We can guarantee your ability to tackle the GS 4 paper with ease when you join the program.

Our experience and expertise in successfully and effectively delivering UPSC coaching make us the best IAS academy in Trivandrum, Kerala and the Best UPSC General Studies IV ethics Classes in Trivandrum . Gallant IAS is one Kerala civil service academy where, through our innovative and effective approach to teaching, we can consistently create UPSC success stories, year after year.

Course Curriculum

GS IV Ethics Paper
Ethics Orientation | GS IV | Mains | PcM 2021 00:15:00
Attitude | Module 1 | GS IV-Ethics | PcM 2021 01:14:00
1.Attitude | Ethics | PcM.pdf 00:10:00
Aptitude| Module 2 | Part 1 | Ethics PcM 2021 00:30:00
2.Aptitude and foundational values | Ethics | PcM.pdf 00:10:00
Fundamental values | Module 2 | Part 2 | Ethics PCM 21 01:00:00
Emotional Intelligence – Ethics (GS IV) module 3 PcM 2021 00:52:00
3. Emotional Intelligence | ethics | PcM.pdf 00:10:00
Ethics and Human Interface | Ethics | PcM 2024.pdf 00:10:00
Contribution of Moral Philosophers & Thinkers Around the World | Module – 5 | Ethics | PcM 2021 01:01:00
Ethics in Public Administration | Module – 6 | Ethics | PcM 2021 00:53:00
Module 6 Ethics in Public Administration Part 2 01:19:00
Probity in Governance | Module – 7 | Ethics | PcM 2021 01:06:00
Probity in Governance | Module – 7 | Part – 2 | Ethics | PcM 2021 00:46:00
Probity in Governance Part 3 | Module 7 | Ethics | PcM 2021 00:32:00
Ethics – Case Studies | Session – 1 | PcM 2021 00:45:00
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