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How to prepare Sociology Optional for UPSC | Sociology-Optional-2022-23

Sociology optional is one of the highly popular optional subjects among the UPSC aspirants owing to its short and crisp syllabus, ease of understanding, and availability of good resources.

Moreover, sociology optional has gained such immense popularity owing to several reasons including:

  • Consistency: This subject has been highly consistent among the top rankers over the years.
  • Scoring Potential: It offers great scoring potential as one can easily score 300+ marks with decent writing practice.
  • Relevance to the job role: The theoretical knowledge of the subject has huge applied potential. It introduces the aspirant with the societal norms and practices making him efficient in understanding and evaluating the policy decisions. It involves the study of human society in detail which is very much relevant to the job role.

Gallant IAS provides India’s best sociology optional course with comprehensive study material, test series and mentorship. It covers world sociology, and Indian Sociology in Paper 1and Paper 2 respectively . There are exclusive sessions for solving previous year questions. Sociology optional has the advantages of overlapping with GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 syllabus also it enriches essay paper immensely, no backgrounds required to start, No formulas or theories to learn by-heart, no need to invest lot of time in current affairs coverage, etc.

Aspirants with any degree background can take sociology optional. Also it’s a scoring optional, recent Toppers over past decade proves the same We conduct sessions on two or three days on weekly basis. Every session is followed by answer writing and feedback sittings.

How to prepare Sociology Optional For UPSC?

Sociology Optional is a preferred choice among many UPSC aspirants owing to its generic syllabus. However, there are various theories that can be extremely difficult to understand without expert guidance. Hence, first and foremost, it is important to seek external guidance if you do not have any mentor or senior who can guide you with the subject. Thereafter, following approach can be used to enhance your preparation:

  • Analyse the syllabus carefully: First and foremost, it is important to mind-map the syllabus carefully. Go through the entire syllabus once or twice to understand the topics that you need to cover from each part of the syllabus. 
  • Start with NCERTs: Sociology is introduced in Class XIth for the first time. Hence, the NCERTs of Class XIth and XIIth will prove to be extremely beneficial for basic understanding of the syllabus. Go through the NCERTs once or twice to understand the basic concepts of the subject.
  • Glance through previous year papers: Glance through the previous year papers to understand what kind of questions are being asked in the syllabus. Thereafter go through the answer scripts of toppers’ to understand how to write the answers.
  • Complete the syllabus: Next, refer to the standard books to complete the syllabus topic-by-topic. Make small notes for all the topics that are quick to revise. 
  • Revision and Answer-writing: Once you have completed about 60-70% of the syllabus, start with answer-writing practice. Start with answering the previous year questions and then start with mock tests.
  • Full-Length Tests: Writing full-length tests is extremely important to master time management. You should have a practice of attempting all the questions in the 3 hours time limit. Hence, make sure you write full-length tests in a simulated environment.

Course Curriculum

Sociology Optional 2023
Introduction | Sociology Optional 00:33:00
Emergence of sociology, Modernity and Social Change | Sociology Optional 01:07:00
Emergence of sociology, Modernity and Social Change | Sociology Optional.pdf 00:10:00
Scope of Sociology | Module -1.B | Sociology Optional 00:48:00
Sociology and other social sciences | Module -1.B | Part -2 |Sociology Optional 00:12:00
Sociology and Common Sense | Module -1.C |Sociology Optional 00:35:00
PYQs | Module -1 | Sociology Optional 00:27:00
UNIT 1 Notes | Sociology Optional.pdf 00:10:00
Sociology as a Science | Module -2.A | Part 1 | Sociology Optional 00:28:00
Sociology as a Science | Module -2.B | Part 2 | Sociology Optional 00:26:00
Fact Value and Objectivity | Module -2.C | Sociology Optional 01:00:00
Theories of Religion | Module – 8 | Sociology Optional 00:49:00
Family, Household and Marriage | Module – 9 | Sociology Optional 00:47:00
Work and Economic life | Module – 6 | Sociology Optional 00:40:00
Stratification and Mobility | Module – 5 | Part-1 | Sociology Optional 00:42:00
Stratification and Mobility | Module – 5 | Part-2 | Sociology Optional 00:32:00
Stratification and Mobility | Module – 5 | Part-3 | Sociology Optional 00:25:00
Social Change in Modern Society | Module – 10 | Sociology Optional 00:42:00
Politics and Society | Module – 7 | Sociology Optional 00:26:00
Politics and Society | Module – 7 | Part -2 | Sociology Optional 00:32:00
Politics and Society | Module – 7 | Part -3 | Sociology Optional 00:28:00
Research Methods| Module – 3 | Part -1 | Sociology Optional 00:17:00
Research Methods| Module – 3 | Part -2 | Sociology Optional 00:42:00
Karl Marx | Sociology Optional 00:30:00
Max Weber | Sociology Optional 00:19:00
Talcott Parsons | Sociology Optional 00:25:00
Emile Durkheim | Sociology Optional 00:30:00
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