UPSC Civil Services Exam Mentorship Programme

With only 8 months left for the UPSC 2023 / the bouncers or repeaters should have an individual ,very personalised study plan of their own.

It should be an integrated approach covering both prelims and mains. Your focus should be on

  • PCM subjects
  • Mains only Subjects
  • Optionals
  • Newspaper

Till December or January, they can focus on mains and there after prelims, Set daily targets weekly targets and monthly targets. Don’t go for a year long won’t work always and it will be an additional pressure. Brainstorm PYQs and write maximum answers after finishing the subjects, NCERT and Newspaper shouldn’t be skipped, Give time to mains only subject also in this time, Daily spend 3 hrs for optional, If weak in CSAT practice it also.. !

An aspirant goes through a number of ups and downs in the preparation.He /she may freely disheartened or disappointed at times also. He / she may be failing in GS Answer writing,losing confidence in crossing cut off of prelims, getting tired of the low marks etc. A mentor can act as a friend, companion or a guide…
They will encourage them and support them through out their preparation.They can help them in preparing schedules for the aspirants. The mentors are senior aspirants and their experiences and advises will definitely help the aspirants to fly high with hope, They are the ones who walks with them.

Many of the aspirants may find themselves directionless in their preparation . They might be unable to identify their mistakes in the past and rectify them. They get panic on seeing the syllabus.They do not know whether to focus on mains or prelims first. Many find this starting trouble due to lack of guidance.

Features of ATM:

  • ✅Highly customisable Mentorship program
  • ✅Each student will be having his/ her personal Schedule that too flexible
  • ✅Prelims Cum Mains integrated mentorship is available,Prelims only and mains only Mentorship are also available
  • ✅The mentorship emphasize on cost benefit ratio and divides the time accordingly for each subject
  • ✅ Mentorship features oral test, and written test
  • ✅ Seperate mentors for each subject under the guidance of an overall mentor

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” 

We have exclusive prelims and mains mentorship, Prelims Mentorship focus on micro scheduling,Oral Test ,MCQ test and complete NCERT and standard books coverage with micromanagement of syllabus

Mains focus on Brainstorming with mentor, peer reviewing, group Mentorship mains answer writing and test series.

We believe in hybrid learning which is need of the hour is to go for both online and offline students. The online program will be in zoom platform,all those programs mentioned in offline will be conducted in online mode also.

Starts on November ,In Prelims test series,there will be three series starting from NCERT, Basic to Advanced.This will be an exclusive program for Prelims covering current affairs , PYQ analysis and probable area identifications

The mains test series will be having updation classes,PYQ analysis,peer reviewing, Spontaneous answer writing and so on ..

The best part is that both these test series are highly customisable … !



Course Curriculum

Any Time Mentorship Programme
CSE 2023 The smart approach | Mentorship session | By Ankit Ashok IPS |Part -1 00:44:00
CSE 2023 The smart approach | Mentorship session | By Ankit Ashok IPS |Part -2 00:44:00
How to Write Spontaneous Answers | Mentorship session | PcM 2023 01:14:00
Different approaches of answering GS Papers | Part-1 | PcM 2023 00:58:00
Different approaches of answering GS Papers | Part-2 | PcM 2023 00:47:00
UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023 | Introduction
India’s most affordable & result oriented Test Series | Prelims 2023 | By Justin George |Gallant IASFREE 00:30:00
Guru Shishya 2023 | The most trusted | Prelims Test Series 2023 | Q&A session | Gallant IASFREE 00:59:00
UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023
UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023 – No-1 02:00:00
TEST- 1| Indian Polity| Question Booklet 00:10:00
TEST -1| Indian Polity| Answer key with Explanation 00:10:00
Polity Test Discussion | Test -1 | Part-1 | Guru Shishya & Revision | Prelims Test Series 2023 00:52:00
Polity Test Discussion | Test -1 | Part-2 | Guru Shishya & Revision | Prelims Test Series 2023 00:41:00
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
  • 20,000.00
  • 365 Days


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