World’s Largest Solar Tree

✓The CSIR-CMERI operating under the Ministry of Science and Technology has developed world largest solar tree.
✓ The tree has an annual capacity of generating 12,000 to 14,000 units of Clean and Green power.

✓The Solar Tree has been designed in such a way that maximum exposure of each Solar Photo Voltaic Panel is achieved. There are a total of 35 Solar PV panels in each tree. Each panel has a capacity of 330 watt-power.

✓The arms holding the solar PV panels are adjustable and are placed in an inclined position to the arms holding them. This feature is not available with the roof mounted solar panels.

✓ The interested MSMEs can align with Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha (PM KUSUM) to develop renewable energy based grids.

✓The Solar Trees can be aligned with agriculture to substitute price-volatile fossil fuels. One solar tree can reduce ten to twelve tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Also, the surplus power from these trees can be fed to the energy grids.

✓The Solar tree also has capability to incorporate with Internet of Things based features. This includes wind speed, real-time humidity, rainfall prediction and soil analytics sensors.

*E-Suvidha Kiosks*
The CSIR-CMERI along with the Solar Trees have also developed the E-Suvidha Kiosks that can be connected to the solar trees for real time access to vast majority of agricultural database and also to eNAM. This will help in making instant and real time access to an unified online market.



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