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Current Affair Diary 12/09/2020


Living Planet Report

✓The WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020 was recently released.

✓There has been a reduction of 68 % in the global wildlife population between 1970 and 2016.

✓75 % of the Earth’s ice-free land surface has already been significantly altered.

✓Most of the oceans are polluted.

✓More than 85% of the area of wetlands has been lost during this period.

✓The most important cause of biodiversity loss: Land-use change – conversion of pristine habitats into agricultural systems and oceans have been overfished.

✓The highest biodiversity loss due to land use change: (1) Europe and Central Asia at 57.9 %; (2) North America at 52.5 %; (3) Latin America and Caribbean at 51.2 %; (4) Africa at 45.9 %; (5) Asia at 43 %.

✓The largest wildlife population loss: Latin America at an alarming 94 %.

✓One of the most threatened biodiversity:Freshwater biodiversity (declining faster than that in oceans or forests).


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