Current Affair Diary 12/10/2020


✓Recently, Rudram was successfully flight-tested from a Sukhoi-30 MKI jet off the east coast.

✓It is India’s first indigenous anti-radiation missile

✓It is developed for the Indian Air Force.

✓Anti-radiation missiles are designed to detect, track and neutralise the rival’s radar, communication assets and other radio frequency sources.

✓Such a missile’s navigation mechanism comprises an inertial navigation system coupled with GPS, which is satellite-based.

✓For guidance, it has a passive homing head which is a system that can detect, classify and engage targets over a wide band of frequencies.

✓Rudram is an air-to-surface missile.

✓Designed and developed by: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

✓Once the Rudram missile locks on the target, it is capable of striking accurately even if the radiation source switches off in between.

✓The missile has an operational range of more than 100 km.

✓Along with Sukhoi-30 MKI, it can be adapted for launch from other fighter jets too.



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