Current Affair Diary 13/09/2020


EASE 2.0 Banking Reforms Index

✓Union Minister of Finance recently inaugurated Doorstep Banking Services by Public Sector Banks (PSBs).

✓Best performing banks on EASE Banking Reforms Index were also facilitated.

✓Doorstep Banking Services are part of EASE Reforms.

✓It is envisaged to provide convenience of banking services to the customers at their doorstep through the universal touch points of Call Centre, Web Portal or Mobile App.

✓Customers can also track their service request through these channels.

✓The services shall be rendered by the Doorstep Banking Agents deployed by the selected Service Providers at 100 centres across the country.

✓The services can be availed by customers of Public Sector Banks at nominal charges.

✓It is a common reform agenda for PSBs.

✓Aim: Institutionalizing clean and smart banking.

✓PSBs have shown a healthy trajectory in their performance over four quarters since the launch of EASE 2.0 Reforms Agenda.

✓Top Performing Banks: (1) Bank of Baroda, (2) State Bank of India, (3) Oriental Bank of Commerce

✓Top Improvers: (1) Bank of Maharashtra, (2) Central Bank of India, (3) Corporation Bank.



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