Current affair diary 17/12/2020

Subject: social justice , report and indices

Human Development Index

*Released by: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

*India dropped to 131st spot among 189 countries

*India’s HDI value for 2019 is 0.645 which put it in the medium human development category.

*India had ranked 130 in 2018 in the index.

*Life expectancy of Indians at birth in 2019 was 69.7 years.

*Bangladesh has a life expectancy of 72.6 years and Pakistan 67.3 years.

*India, Bhutan (129), Bangladesh (133), Nepal (142), and Pakistan (154) were ranked among countries with medium human development.

*Top countries: Norway (1), Ireland (2), Switzerland (3), Hong Kong (4) and Iceland (5)

*According to the report, India’s gross national income per capita fell to $6,681 in 2019 from $6,829 in 2018 on purchasing power parity (PPP) basis.

*Human Development Index is the measure of a nation’s health, education, and standards of living

?Focus area for prelims 2021 : √HDI released by
√India’s position
√Other important country’s rankings
For mains 2020_ 21:
√ significance of the index especially in the case of India
√ comparison with other countries
√ issues and solutions related to human development in india



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