Current Affair Diary 19/09/2020

Kosi Rail Mahasetu

✓The historic Kosi Rail Mahasetu (Mega Bridge) was recently inaugurated.
✓The Kosi Rail Mahasetu is 1.9 KM long.

✓It cuts an otherwise 300-km long journey between Samastipur and Jaynagar on Indo-Nepal border to just 22 km.

It strengthens Bihar’s rail network and West Bengal and Eastern India’s rail connectivity.

✓Indian Prime Minister also inaugurated 12 rail projects related to passenger facilities.

✓These include a new railway bridge on the Kiul River, two new railway lines, 5 Electrification projects, one Electric Locomotive Shed and 3rd Line Project between Barh-Bakhtiyarpur.

✓This bridge is of strategic importance along the India-Nepal border.



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