Current Affair Diary 21/11/2020

Willow Warbler

✓Recently,Willow Warbler has been sighted for the first time in India at Vellayani-Punchakkari paddy fields, Kerala.

✓Scientific Name: Phylloscopus trochilus.

✓They breed throughout northern and temperate Europe and the Palearctic.

✓They migrate to sub-Saharan Africa during early winter.

✓It is one of the longest migrating small birds.

✓It weighs only around 10 grams and its long wing feathers help it fly long distances.

✓Warblers are generally difficult to identify due to the small size and change in plumage twice a year.

✓Threats: (1) Drought conditions in its wintering quarters; (2) Habitat alterations due to human population expansion.

✓IUCN Red List status: Least Concern.



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