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Current affair diary 26/12/2020

Subject: Environment

Tso Kar Wetland Complex

√India has added Tso Kar Wetland Complex in Ladakh as its 42nd Ramsar site.

√It is also a second one in the Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh.

√The Tso Kar Basin is a high-altitude wetland complex.

√It consists of two principal waterbodies, Startsapuk Tso, a freshwater lake and Tso Kar itself, a hypersaline lake situated in the Changthang region of Ladakh.

√It is called Tso Kar, meaning white lake, because of the white salt efflorescence found on the margins due to the evaporation of highly saline water.

√The site is also one of the most important breeding areas of the Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis) in India.

√Tso Moriri or Lake Moriri or “Mountain Lake”, is a lake in the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh.

√It was notified in 2002 under the List of Ramsar Wetland sites under the Ramsar Convention.

*The Ramsar Convention

√It was signed on 2nd February, 1971.

√It is one of the oldest inter-governmental accords signed by member countries.

√Objective: To preserve the ecological character of their wetlands of international importance.

√It is named after Ramsar, the Iranian city where the treaty was signed.

?focus area for prelims 2021:
√Tso kar wetland and its characteristics
√ Tsomorori lake
√ ramsar convention
√ Black necked crane


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