Current Affair Diary 27/09/2020

The NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Center (CXC) has unveiled a new ‘sonification’ project

✓ It refers to the use of sound values to represent real data.

✓It is the auditory version of data visualisation.

✓In NASA’s Chandra (sonification) project, for instance, data is represented using a number of musical notes.

✓The birth of a star, a cloud of dust or even a black hole can be ‘heard’ as a high- or low-pitched sound.

*Chandra X-ray Project

✓The Chandra X-ray Observatory was launched by Space Shuttle Columbia in 1999.

✓It is part of NASA’s fleet of “Great Observatories”.

✓X-ray universe: It refers to the universe as observed with telescopes designed to detect X-rays.

✓X-rays are produced in the cosmos when matter is heated to millions of degrees.

✓Such temperatures occur where high magnetic fields, or extreme gravity, or explosive forces exist in space.

✓The telescope is named after the Nobel Prize-winning Indian astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar



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