Current Affair Diary 28/09/2020

Industrial Relations Code, 2020

✓Provision for two members instead of one member in the Industrial Tribunal.

✓Provision for taking the matter straight to the Tribunal in case the dispute is not resolved at conciliation stage.

✓Implementation of award in 30 days after Tribunal award.

✓After recognition of Fixed Term Employment, workers will get the option of Fixed Term Employment instead of contract labour.

✓Under this, they would get benefits of hours of work, salary, social security and other welfare benefits like a Regular Employee.

✓A provision for “Negotiating Union” and “Negotiating Council” has been made for undertaking negotiation on any dispute.

✓Provision has also been made for giving recognition to Trade Unions at Central and State level. Trade Unions would be able to contribute more affirmatively and more effectively.

✓Provision for Re-Skilling fund has been made in the law for the first time for re-skilling those workers who have been fired from their jobs, so that they are able to get employment again.



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