Current affair diary 28/12/2020

Subject : Art and culture


√The Union Home Minister distributed financial grants to 8,000 Namghars under the Assam Darshan programme.

√Namghars are traditional Vaisnavite monasteries of Assam.

√Namghars (literally meaning Prayer House) are places for congregational worship associated with the entire Assamese community and the Ekasarana sect of Hinduism, in particular, that is native to Assam.

√Besides forming the primary structure used for worship, they also function as meeting houses and theatres for dramatic performances (bhaona).

√The Namghar, also called the kirtanghar, is also the central structure in the Sattras

√Namghars were introduced in Assam by the Vaishnavite saints Damodaradeva, Madhavadeva and Sankaradeva for Assamese people where they can culture and practice naam (devotional songs) and Bhakti of God (devotion).

?focus area for prelims 2021:
√Namghar and state



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