Current Affair Diary 3/12/2020


✓The public sector aerospace manufacturing company, the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) delivered the biggest cryogenic propellant tank C32-LH2 to the Indian Space Research Organisation.

✓The C32-LH2 tank is a developmental cryogenic propellant tank of aluminium alloy.

✓It is designed for improving the payload capability of GSLV MK-III launching vehicle of ISRO.

✓The tank can load 5755 kg propellant fuel.

*Cryogenic fuels

✓Cryogenic fuels are fuels that require storage at extremely low temperatures in order to maintain them in a liquid state.

✓These fuels are used in machinery that operates in space because ordinary fuel cannot be used there due to the very low temperatures often encountered in space, and due to absence of an environment that supports combustion.

✓Cryogenic fuels most often constitute liquefied gases such as liquid hydrogen.


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